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Updated: 09/20/2010


Question: Where do I find out more about the SOC Sports Group?

If you would like more detailed information about our group please contact one of our officers.


Question: If I join SOC will I have to participate in many fund raisers?

Fund raising is an important part of our organizational activities.  These activities provide the funds for running the organization, awards for our players and offset costs involved with gym rentals.  But we recognize that our members have busy lives and currently participate in a small number of fund raisers.

Question: Where do you hold practices?

We have held basketball practices in various gyms in and around the Whittier areas.  Each year is a challenge to secure a location for our youth to practice and we are very careful to  stay in good terms with the hosting gym.  This year we are holding practice at La Serna HS in Whittier on Saturdays.  

Question: Do you have any other family activities?

We hold joint activities with the Suburban Optimist Club of Buena Park our parent organization.  There is the annual Christmas party for the Little Stars and Pee Wee teams and in the summer we have a year end picnic .  This year we are planning more fun family events outside of organized sports.

Question: What is SEYO?

South East Youth Organization (SEYO) was created in 1963 through the efforts of Mr. Bob Wada.  Bob not only started SEYO he also is credited with founding our parent organization the Suburban Optimist Club of Buena Park (SOC).  In the beginning, SEYO started with only 5 teams, the players coming from the Whittier/La Mirada & Anaheim/Orange County areas.  Today, SEYO has grown to over 190 basketball and 30 baseball teams.  SEYO is the governing body and coordinator of organized basketball and baseball league activities and is made up of representatives from all participating youth groups.  Link to their website: http://seyo.org



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